My very talented friends Chris Dimond and Michael Kooman have just released their first album, “Out of Our Heads:  The Music of Kooman and Dimond.”  The final selection on that album, “Lost in the Waves,” is the single most evocative and moving song I’ve ever heard about loss (in this case, the reflections of a man whose dad sacrificed his life to save him from drowning). Between the gorgeous melody and heartbreaking lyrics I was left in tears, but couldn’t not listen to it a half-dozen times the first day.  (You can listen to a preview of the song on the album’s home page on iTunes.)

When I asked Chris and Michael about the song’s inspiration, Chris explained that his father drowned while saving him from a riptide.  Chris who is 32, was nine at the time and his dad was 39.  Given my own loss (of my dad when he was 44 and I was twelve), “Lost in the Waves” resonates in a profound way.

I first met Chris (a lyricist) and Michael (a composer) when they asked to interview me about my book, Why Suicide? Chris and Michael had been commissioned by the Williamstown Theater Festival in Williamstown, Massachusetts, to write a musical inspired by an article in the New Yorker magazine about the 2000th person to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not exactly typical Broadway material and very treacherous territory for these two young men to explore, especially since they had no personal experience with suicide.

When my partner and I went to the show’s opening two summers ago we went with very low expectations, but were totally blown away by the show’s heart, sensitivity, humor, drama, and music.  (Now that I know about Chris’s dad, I understand why he and Michael were the perfect team to do this work.)  The show is still in development (performed most recently at Milikin University in Illinois), but I’m hoping it finds it’s way to Broadway one day soon.  You can learn more about Chris and Michael’s shows and music on their web site.



2 Responses to Compelling New Song About Loss

  1. Sid says:

    “Lost in the Waves” is both brilliantly haunting and sad, but it is also an honest reflection of a parent willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their child. The content of Next To Normal wasn’t considered typical Broadway material either and it ended up winning several Tony and other awards, as well as a Pulitzer Prize. Maybe Golden Gate will be the next musical to follow in those footsteps.

  2. sandy says:

    My 17yr old daughter commited suicide … she had a fight with her boyfriend ..we were flooded in North Dakota,lost our home.her grandmother died 2010 in dec . and she couldnt take it

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