DSC03519Well, some things don’t go according to plan. I had intended to do the full 16-mile walk the night of June 1, but my balky back had other ideas. In the end I was lucky to make it to DC at all and managed three miles along with 2,000 other walkers before having to call it a night. I was disappointed, but was very glad to have attended the opening ceremonies, which were both moving and inspiring (eight walkers were introduced: seven were walking in memory of one or more loved ones who had died by suicide and one had attempted suicide years ago and has now rebuilt his life). I found it stunning (and of comfort, too) to be surrounded by so many people who had been through the same traumatic experience that I had. It was also gratifying that so many of my friends and family supported my walk through contributions to the work of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ($10,000 in all!).

Best of all, my nephew, Evan Marcus, joined me for the walk (he’s on the right in the photo). It was a joy spending time with him and he made sure that I arrived back at the hotel in one piece. Perhaps next year we’ll do the entire walk together with other members of my family.


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  1. Jes says:

    My very first blog. I am a survivor. Although most people would categorize me as happy. I have struggled for many years. I am in the autumn of my life so now I can say I made it. I know one thing, it is the only way to get rid of that pain, that hurt. It is an actual pain in your heart. You look around and you know they do not see the sadness in your heart. It is a physical hurt. Then one day you decide to take it away…

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