It’s exceedingly rare that I can’t put a book down, but Gregory Martin’s  extraordinarily honest, heartfelt, brave, and beautifully written memoir held my attention from the first page to the last.

Those of us who have been through the suicide of a loved one can easily forget that an attempted suicide, like a completed suicide, can set in motion unpredictable family upheaval.  For Gregory Martin, his father’s attempted suicide resulted in the discovery that his father had led a clandestine gay life throughout his thirty-nine-year marriage.  And there are more painful revelations to come.

Martin, who is a married father to two young boys, finds himself catapulted on a journey that one can only describe as wrenching.  But as Martin takes you along for his family’s challenging ride, you can’t help but cheer for both Martin and his father as they stumble toward understanding and reconciliation.

Visit Gregory Martin’s web site.


5 Responses to A Father Attempts Suicide; A Son Struggles for Answers

  1. Katie says:

    It is an absolutely amazing book. I fully agree it is worth the read.

  2. Tammy says:

    My teenage daughter is gay. She did not attempt suicide but she did leave a note. Gregory Martin’s book described the same feelings I had felt myself 4 years ago … dealing with both the suicide (attempt/note) and the revelation that I never saw coming. It’s strange to have someone you don’t know and have never met so completely articulate your own feelings.

    I have come to full acceptance of my daughter’s “gayness”, am totally at peace with her life, and thankfully she is no longer suicidal. She is just living her life, and what more can a parent want for their child.

  3. Amyl309 says:

    There’s not always a magical, logical answer for why someone feels the can no longer do life.Sometimes you just get too tired of the pain inside. Pain you dont know the origin comes from. Sometimes the hurt cant be fixed. Its there, always been there, it is a part of who you are A part that is just too draining.

  4. says: – I made this website to help me along. Maybe it can help somebody else! In the mean time, I will track down this book!

  5. Kate Nichols says:

    I am a suicide survivor. I can tell you that the pain wears you down. It sucks the life out of you. I stopped living years ago; I just existed. What good was I? I was no longer a good mom to my adult children, I was a lousy wife – or so I thought.

    I know what pushed me over but was that the true reason or was it a life full of never feeling good enough or truly loved.

    My depression caused “dwelling” got the best of my oldest son. So he took away my very loved grandchildren as punishment. That almost destroyed me.

    I was not expected to live. I had gone without oxygen for who knows how long. While at the hospital I had a week long seizure. My brain wave was flat. My prognosis was not GOOD. When I regained
    conscientiousness and learned what I had done, my first thought was “Christ you can’t even do that right”. Now I am thankful to be here.

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